Galaxy Guofeng Art is a subordinate art institution of GalaxyIndustry Group. It was officially built and put into use in 2017.It covers anarea of nearly 7000 square meters including art exhibition halls, galleryspace, public education space and art store. Galaxy Guofeng Art focuses onlocal art power and integrating the resources of young artists, exploring theroad of an iconic and academic private art museum. In the last two years,Galaxy Guofeng Art has been focusing more attention on building brands andpracticing art with three main lines: “Tradition and Innovation”, “Local andExternal” and “Voice of the Youth”.At the same time, Galaxy Guofeng Art alsofocuses on activating urban culture through lectures, academic forums, publiceducation activities, etc.

Currently, Galaxy Guofeng Art has become an important part of Galaxyindustry integration and has been helping projects in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou,Nanjing and Guangzhou to form a diversified culture and art system,furtherenhancing core competitiveness of cities.